Card Not Present (CNP) Merchant Accounts

Card Not Present High Risk Merchant Accounts

When you own your own online business, that means you need to be able to accept and process credit and debit card payments through an e-commerce gateway.  With a merchant account from Patriot Bankcard, your business will be able to accept payments from customers worldwide; safely, securely and quickly.  Having a card not present merchant account through Patriot Bankcard will help your business grow and become more profitable.

What is card not present (CNP) merchant account?

A CNP, or card not present account, is a specific type of  bank account that lets merchants accept online credit card payments.  This type of bank is called an acquiring bank, and they specialize in merchant accounts that accept payments online, over the phone or by mail.

When a cardholder submits their payment via credit card, ACH check or debit card, as payment for a purchase through your online store, the credit issuing bank either approves or denies their transaction. If denied, a message a appears on the payment page to alert you.  If the transaction is approved, the funds are then transferred to your business’ checking account based on your payout schedule.

Challenges of getting a card not present merchant account for your online business

When operating an e-commerce business, there are many obstacles one may encounter including acquiring a credit card processing merchant account. Without a CNP merchant account, your business has very limited options for accepting credit cards online, over the phone or by mail.  The main issue is that acquiring banks, those that process credit card transactions, consider your online business to be a higher risk when your customer is not present to sign their receipt in person.

Patriot Bankcard’s solution

Patriot Bankcard’s established network of offshore acquiring banks has liberal underwriting policies that benefit those businesses that may be in the high risk category. This allows us to approve high risk card-not-present merchant accounts and help you grow your business. With our solid banking infrastructure, we can take even more credit card processing risks and therefore help you to accept even more transactions. For card-not-present merchants with limited or no processing history, Patriot Bankcard also offers third-party processing options.

Patriot Bankcard’s High Risk Merchant Accounts Offer:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Adult merchant accounts
  • Online pharmacy merchant accounts
  • Penny auction merchant accounts
  • Forex merchant accounts
  • Mail order & telephone order (MOTO) merchant accounts
  • Payday loan merchant accounts
  • MLM merchant accounts

Patriot Bankcard’s professional account executives make applying for a card not present merchant account simple, safe and affordable. Call Patriot Bankcard today at to speak to one of them now.

At the Merchant CC Service we aim to grow your business by assisting you in finding the right acquiring bank solutions that are right for your business.