Merchant Accounts for Law Firms

Fast Approval and No Monthly Caps

Reliable Credit Card Processing for Law Firms

Operating a law firm that services hundreds of clients can make it tough to find the time to process payments; but it doesn’t have to be when you accept payments online with Patriot Bankcard’s law firm merchant account.

With Patriot Bankcard’s PCI-compliant payment gateway, you can rest assured that clietn information will remain safe and secure within our payment gateway system. Our trusted network of acquiring banks provide law firms worldwide with cost-effective:

  • Personal Injury Claims Merchant Accounts
  • Consumer Finance Claims Merchant Accounts
  • Patent Law Merchant Accounts
  • Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Claims Merchant Accounts
  • Workers’ Compensation Merchant Accounts
  • Commercial Litigation Merchant Accounts
  • Employment Law Merchant Accounts
  • Family Law Merchant Accounts
  • Entertainment Law Merchant Accounts

Patriot Bankcard’s Account Service Fees and Rates

Our application process is free and our rates are the best in the business.  For a free rate quote contact one of Patriot Bankcard’s Account Executives now at .

Benefits of an online Law Firm Merchant Account From Patriot Bankcard

Along with our expert customer service and technical support teams, Patriot Bankcard is here to help you find a payment processing solution that fits your law firm’s needs. The following are just a few of the benefits of an Internet law firm merchant account from Patriot Bankcard.

Virtual Terminal for telephone Payments

Part of being a successful law firm is catering to your client’s needs; and this includes their payment options. If your clients don’t have time to pay in person or online, you can still accept payments online by manually entering their information into Patriot Bankcard’s virtual terminal.  This allows you to be flexible with your clients utilizing our law firm merchant account.

Large Ticket Transactions

Attorneys who deal with cases such as personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims need to be able to process high dollar transactions without hassle. With a law firm merchant account from Patriot Bankcard, you can process large ticket transactions easily, safely and quickly.

International Merchant Account Solutions

Large firms with offices overseas need to be able to process transactions offshore.  With an international law firm merchant account from Patriot Bankcarde, this is not a problem.

With an international merchant account from Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor, your law firm can process payments in more than 160 different currencies.  With a law firm merchant account, your firm will be able to offer clients the ability to pay for law services rendered in their local currency.

No Volume Caps

Law firms service hundreds of clients and take in payments on a daily basis.  With a law firm merchant account from Patriot Bankcard, your law firm will have no limits on how many transactions it may process.

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