Payday Loan and Cash Advance Merchant Account

Fast Approval and No Monthly Caps

Reliable Credit Card Processing for Payday Loan and Cash Advance Businesses Through the Merchant CC Service

  • PCI Compliant Payment Gateway
  • Cash Advance Broker Businesses
  • Payday Loan Lender Businesses
  • Multi-Currency Solutions
  • Virtual Terminal Access
  • Small Loan Businesses

When looking for a payday loan or cash advance merchant account, Patriot Bankcard has the ideal solution for your business credit card processing needs. Worldwide, we offer payday loan and cash advance merchants the payment gateways they need to run their businesses. Patriot Bankcard understands that having a high charge back ration may make getting a merchant account difficult but our acquiring bank partners work with high risk businesses merchants every day and can get you approved.

  • Contact Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor

    Call now to speak with one of Patriot Bankcard’s expert account executives; they know the ins and outs of merchant accounts for the Paday Loan and Cash Advance industry.

  • Approved Online with Patriot Bankcard

    Our extensive and secure network of acquiring banks allows our account executives to find effective and affordable solutions for e-commerce businesses in the Cash Advance and Payday Loan industry.

  • Start Processing Your Transactions with Patriot Bankcard

    When you’re approved through Patriot Bankcard you can begin accepting credit cards through our payment gateway and get paid.  Patriot Bankcard offers weekly and even daily payouts for our clients.

Submit Your Merchant Account Application to Patriot Bankcard Today

After you open a merchant account with Patriot Bankcard your business will receive more than just the best credit card processing available; our Merchant CC Service Account Executives are there to assist you in growing your business.

They will help educate you about high risk merchant accounts and how to grow your business and online presence. Also, the account executives at Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor will help you to avoid charge backs and teach you techniques to optimize your website for usability. Call to speak with one of our account executives today by calling .

Learn About Our Payday Loan Merchant Account Services

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Payday Loan Merchant Account

Patriot Bankcard understands the credit card processing needs of payday loan and cash advance businesses. Benefits of a high risk merchant account from Patriot Bankcard include accepting high dollar and large ticket transactions as well as live customer and technical support with daily or weekly payouts.

Cash Advance and Payday Merchant Account Services

In order to grow, your business needs to process credit card transactions safely, reliably and efficiently. Patriot Bankcardhas been growing its network of acquiring banks for many years and this has enabled us to help businesses in high risk categories like payday loan and cash advance establishments. Patriot Bankcard enables your business to accept payment in major currencies from major credit card brands. When you open your merchant account with Patriot Bankcard you’ll be assigned a merchant account executive that will be available to assist your business throughout the life of your account.

Payday Loan and Cash Advance Payment Gateway Solutions for Your Business Through the Merchant CC Service

As a business owner or manager, you need to have a trustworthy payment gateway system to process credit and debit card transactions and Patriot Bankcard makes managing all of your online transactions easy and efficient. Whether your business accepts credit card transactions online or over the phone our secure payment gateway is the solution for your business; even if you are working or doing business offshore.