Are you looking to accept credit cards online or over the telephone for your legal escort business? Patriot Bankcard provides adult and escort merchant accounts to businesses worldwide. At the Merchant CC Service we firmly believe that your success is our success. This means we work with a trusted network of offshore and international banking partners that have fewer trading restrictions and are escort merchant friendly.

Benefits of Patriot Bankcard’s Escort Merchant Accounts

Processing credit cards online or over the telephone with Patriot Bankcard provides your escort merchant business with a wide variety of benefits and features:

• PCI Compliant Payment Gateway System: Our PCI compliant payment gateway makes accepting credit card payments online fast, easy, and secure. Our payment gateway is also compatible with most shopping cart software.

• Virtual Terminal for Orders by Telephone: As an escort merchant business you may need to accept credit card payments over the telephone. With our terminal you can manually enter your payment information through the Merchant CC Service’s payment gateway virtual terminal.

• No Volume Caps: With Patriot Bankcard your escort merchant business has no monthly limits on how many transactions you can process.

• Multi-Currency Processing for International Escort Merchants: If your escort business has offices in different countries, you need to accept payments in multiple currencies. Accept payments in more than 160 currencies with Patriot Bankcard escort merchant accounts.

• Customer Support and Technical Services: With real people! Stop listening to machines and get a real person on the phone every time you call us toll-free at + .

Applying for an Escort Merchant Accounts Is Easy Through Patriot Bankcard

Contact us today for an application. Once you’ve returned your application and the required underwriting documents, we’ll match you with one of our many acquiring banking partners. Once the acquiring bank has approved your escort merchant business for an escort merchant account, your business can begin processing credit card transactions through our payment gateway in as little as 24 to 48.

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