Merchant Accounts For High Risk Merchants

Credit Card Processing: Customized Solutions

High Risk” Merchant Accounts for Your Business Needs

  • International merchants
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Fast Processing
  • No Processing History
  • Bad Credit History
  • First Time Accounts
  • No Volume Caps
  • Virtual Terminal Access
  • Easy Interface

As an online merchant, your business DEPENDS upon the ability to accept and process credit cards online. If your online business is in a so called “high risk” category, domestic banks may deny your request for an e-commerce or mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchant account because of the nature of your business.

At Patriot Bankcard, we call shenanigans. Does your business need a credit card processing solution with fewer trading restrictions; or, have changes in your business caused your acquiring bank to close your existing merchant account?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Patriot Bankcard has the solution for your business to become competitive and profitable through processing your credit card transactions with us.

High Approval Ratings for “High Risk” Businesses

Patriot Bankcard believes that all legal businesses deserve a fair shot to grow your business by accepting credit card payments online, even those working within the card-not-present (CNP) environment.

Patriot Bankcard’s trusted network of offshore and international acquiring banks allow us to provide high risk merchant account solutions to a wide range of e-commerce and online industries.

We service the following “High Risk” categories:

Features of a High Risk Merchant Account From Patriot Bankcard

Merchants processing credit cards with Patriot Bankcard benefit from the following:

  • Credit card payment processing for all major cards, including Visa and MasterCard.
  • Fraud prevention with 3D Secure processing.
  • PCI-compliant payment gateway
  • Compatibility with nearly all major shopping carts.
  • Processing in more than 160 currencies with settlement in 18 major currencies.
  • Live customer and technical support services.
  • Safe, secure and reliable processing

Multiple Merchant Accounts by Patriot Bankcard

As a “high risk” merchant, applying for multiple merchant accounts may lower your risk profile by distributing sales volume across multiple accounts. Also, as Patriot Bankcard provides 3D secure processing, your risk profile may be FURTHER diminished.

Most importantly, if your business has multiple merchant accounts, you can rest comfortably knowing there are back up accounts in case one of your banks changes its service guidelines and drops your account.

Contact Patriot Bankcard today and speak to an account executive today to learn more about opening multiple merchant accounts to grow your business and become more profitable.

How Does It Work?
  • Contact Patriot Bankcard

    You’ll talk with a friendly Merchant CC Service account expert who knows the ins and out of online credit card processing and can get your business well on the way to better profitability.

  • Get Matched Through Patriot Bankcard

    Our trusted network of acquiring banks allows us to find a solution for a wide range of e-commerce businesses and can provide your business with the payment processing power it needs to expand.

  • Start Processing Through Patriot Bankcard

    Once your business is approved by an acquiring bank, Patriot Bankcard can have your website up and processing credit card payments in as little as 2-3 business days and we offer daily or weekly payouts for our clients to make sure you have the capital to keep growing.

Am I High Risk?

Many clients ask our Merchant CC Service Account Executives what exactly makes for a “high risk” rating. Here are some of the reasons that traditional banks may deny your business a merchant account:

  • Your customers aren’t present to sign the credit card receipt (Card-not-present or CNP).
  • You’re a start-up with an unproven credit or processing history.
  • Bad business or personal credit history.
  • High volume of credit card transactions (Over $25,000 a month).
  • Rapid growth from small to medium or high volume.
  • Your business operates in “high risk” industries, like online pharmacies.
  • You offer a free trial followed by a recurring monthly payment.
  • Your average transaction is over $500.
  • Your business depends on seasonal or sporadic sales.
  • You sell to international customers, or intend to process payments in foreign currencies.
  • You have a history of excessive chargebacks or refunds.

If a bank has closed your merchant account in the past; if you’ve ever provided contradictory information on a merchant account application; or if you’ve had problems with customer service or unclear billing descriptions, you may also have a hard time getting a merchant account.

The Right Choice

If your business is a high risk internet merchant, finding the right merchant account can mean the difference between success and failure.

Patriot Bankcard is an excellent solution to meet your needs:

  • Patriot Bankcard does not require large upfront deposits.
  • Patriot Bankcard does not charge excessive setup fees.
  • Patriot Bankcard does not restrict the merchant’s processing sales turnover.
  • Patriot Bankcard does not charge double-digit discount rates.

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