There are many types of social gaming merchants–some of which people associate with Internet gambling and online casinos. High Risk offers merchant accounts to those types of businesses, but we also offer social gaming merchant accounts to businesses that operate websites with games people have to pay to play, including:

  • Facebook app games
  • Board games
  • Game show games
  • Games for kids

Features of High Risk’s Social Gaming Merchant Accounts

With High Risk, social gaming merchants won’t sacrifice service or affordability. You’ll benefit from the following merchant account services while we work hard to make your social gaming business a success.

Third Party Merchant Accounts: For start-up merchants or those who don’t qualify for their own merchant account, High Risk offers third party merchant accounts. Don’t let a lack of credit card processing history or a high chargeback ratio stop you from processing credit cards online.

Offshore and International Merchant Accounts: Sometimes offshore and international merchant accounts are easier to obtain than domestic accounts when you’re a high risk e-commerce merchants. High Risk has a large network of trusted banking partners worldwide to help you find the best merchant account solution.

Low Taxes or No Taxes: When you process in offshore jurisdictions, that country’s laws protect your money. While many offshore countries have low taxes, most require you to pay no taxes on your hard-earned money.

Multi-Currency Processing: The biggest benefit of having an international merchant account is multi-currency processing. With High Risk’s PCI compliant payment gateway, you can accept payments in more than 160 different currencies and receive settlements in 18 major currencies.

No Processing Volume Caps: People love social gaming–a lot. We’ve designed our social gaming merchant accounts so that you can process as many transactions per month as you’d like.

Credit Card Processing for Gambling, Gaming, and Casinos

If you are looking for a gambling merchant account, gaming merchant account, or a casino merchant account, then you’re in the right place–just on the wrong page. Find out more about High Risk’s Internet gambling and gaming merchant accounts and online casino merchant accounts for non-US credit card processing.

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