High Risk Merchant Accounts From Patriot Bankcard

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Merchant Accounts for High Risk Industries

    • Offshore & International Merchants
    • Processing History Not Required
    • No Volume Caps on Transactions
    • Multi-Currency Merchant Account
    • Poor Credit History Not a Peroblem
    • Online Virtual Terminal Access

What does it mean to be categorized as “high risk?”

There are many reasons why a business may be considered high risk. Acquiring banks must assess the risk of each Merchant account before the agree to process credit card payments.  Banks do this because they may become liable for charge backs or fraud made against a business. A business may be considered “high risk” for any of the following reasons:

  • A customer is not present to sign the credit card receipt, often called “card not present processing.”
  • The business in question is a start-up without credit history.
  •  Bad or poor credit.
  • High volume of credit card transactions; over $25,000 per month.
  • Rapid business growth, from small to medium or high dollar volume per month.
  • A business in certain “high risk” industries such as: cash advance, payday loan or online casinos.
  • Average transactions over $500.
  • Processing payments in foreign currencies.
  • Foreign Customers.
  • History of excessive charge backs and customer refunds.
  • A bank closed merchant account due to charge backs or other risks.

Merchant Account Payment Gateways by Patriot Bankcard

Many online retailers who deal within so called, “high risk” industries often find themselves at odds with banks when they try to open a merchant account to process online credit card orders.  If domestic banks are denying your merchant account requests for an e-commerce, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) or payment gateway requests because your business is in a “high risk” category, Patriot Bankcard is your answer.

Does your business need a credit card processing solution with fewer trading restrictions or have changes in your business caused your acquiring bank to close your existing merchant account? If the answer is yes, Patriot Bankcard is your payment acceptance solution.

Patriot Bankcard Has More Approvals in More High Risk Industries Worldwide

Patriot Bankcard’s business philosophy is that all legal and legitimate businesses deserve the right to accept credit cards online.  We even service those businesses in the card not present e-commerce environment.  Patriot Bankcard has developed an extensive, trusted network of offshore and international acquiring banks that allows our Merchant CC Service Account Executives  to provide high risk merchant account answers to an ever expanding variety of e-commerce industries.

The list below is just a few examples of the industries Patriot Bankcard services:

Features of a High Risk Merchant Account From Patriot Bankcard

Merchant Accounts from Patriot Bankcard Include:

  • Credit card payment processing for all major credit cards through our payment gateway.
  • Fraud protection via our secure payment system.
  • PCI-compliant payment gateway compatible with most shopping cart software.
  • Payment processing in over 160 currencies and payment settlement in 18 major currencies.
  • Live customer and technical support from Patriot Bankcard Account Executives.

Multiple Merchant Accounts From Patriot Bankcard

If your business is in a high risk category, applying for multiple merchant accounts with Patriot Bankcard will likely lower your business’ risk profile.  As an example, if your business is in the high risk category because of high sales volume, multiple merchant accounts from Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor will enable your business to distribute your sales volumes among your different accounts to lower your monthly numbers.

The most important reason your business needs multiple accounts  is that in the event that one of your acquiring banks unexpectedly terminates your account due to changes in the industries it serves, you will have a backup account so that your business may continue to accept payments.

Contact Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor to speak to one of our Account Executives today to learn more about opening multiple merchant accounts for your high risk business.

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    When you're approved through Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor you can begin accepting credit cards through our payment gateway and get paid.  We offer weekly and even daily payouts for our clients.

Patriot Bankcard:  The RIGHT Choice for YOUR Business If your business is in a high risk category, finding the right merchant account to meet your business individual needs can mean the difference between success and failure.
A merchant account from Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor is the way to get approved and begin accepting payments online or over the phone for your e-commerce website.  Our accounts:
  • Do not require large, upfront cash deposits.
  • Do not have excessive setup fees.
  • Do not restrict sales turn over.
  • Offer low fee rates!Contact one of Patriot Bankcard's Account Executives TODAY to get started: