International Merchant Accounts From Patriot Bankcard

Fast Approval and No Monthly Caps On Sales Volume

Reliable Credit Card Processing on International Merchant Accounts

As a business person, you’re always looking to expand your e-commerce business and increase profits.  One way to do this is to forge and international presence for your business.  To do this, your buiness will need to process credit cards in multiple currencies and to do that you’ll need international merchant account services by Patriot Bankcard.

International merchant accounts from Patriot Bankcard are special bank accounts set up with merchant acquiring banks that allow you to process and get paid out in multiple currencies.  This ensures that your customers worldwide are able to purchase your goods in their own familiar currency.

Benefits of an International Merchant Account from Patriot Bankcard

Operating online gives your business access to customers at every corner of the globe but many domestic banks will only allow your business to process credit cards and get paid out in a single currency.  With an international merchant account from Patriot Bankcard, your business will not be limited to just domestic customers.

Patriot Bankcard’s network of offshore acquiring banks have liberal underwriting policies, which makes it easier for your business to get a merchant account that enables it to accept international credit cards and process in multiple currencies.

Establishing an international merchant account through Patriot Bankcard means:

  • Opening your business to foreign customers
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Sets your business apart from your competitors
  • The ability to process multiple currencies

Fraud protection for High Risk’s international merchant accounts

Worrying about protecting cardholder data for customers in one country is difficult, but expanding your business worldwide means increased risk of credit card fraud and scams.  Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor provides a state-of-the-art, PCI compliant payment gateway that helps prevent fraudulent activity.

Patriot Bankcard does this by utilizing the following:

  • 3D Secure processing
  • AVS checks
  • Customer blocking technology
  • Telephone order verification techniques
  • Historical fraudulent customer database
  • Comprehensive fraud screening
  • World class risk management
  • Live Customer Support Center

Get your business on the road to success and increased profits by accepting international orders. Contact Patriot Bankcard to speak to one of our Account Executives and open an International Merchant Account: