With a worldwide economy in crisis, consumer debt rises each year. Struggling families often pay off one credit card using another and find themselves falling deeper into the consumer debt hole. To many filing bankruptcy feels like their only option, but as a debt consolidation merchant, your business helps to give people their lives back and form new habits to build a brighter future with a debt consolidation merchant account.

Why do many banks consider debt consolidation merchants to be high risk businesses?

The simple answer is that in most cases the customer is not present to sign for the purchase. This includes payments accepted by credit card, debit card, or electronic checks. This automatically puts your debt consolidation business at an increased risk for fraud.  But, there are other reasons:

  • People who utilize debt consolidation have struggled in the past, and banks worry they may struggle to pay in the future.
  • If your debt consolidation company is a start up, there is no credit history.
  • Your debt consolidation business may have grown from small to medium or high volume.
  • Large ticket transaction processing.

Patriot Bankcard’s Solution for Debt Consolidation Merchants

Patriot Bankcard makes getting a high risk merchant account simple.  Patriot Bankcard has built relationships with our established network of offshore and local acquiring banks. Our banks have liberal underwriting policies which means their approval rate is much higher than traditional, domestic banks.  Patriot Bankcard’s accounts include:
  • Zero application fees
  • No volume caps for your debt consolidation business
  • Multi-currency processing with daily or weekly payouts
  • Low fees for your debt consolidation business

ACH Processing for Debt Consolidation Merchants

As your debt consolidation company endeavors to free your clients from credit card debt, the last thing your business wants is for your clients to pay you with another credit card.  Patriot Bankcard has built into our merchant accounts the ability to offer ACH payment processing options for electronic checks. Short for Automated Clearing House, ACH payment processing allows debt consolidation merchants to process checks in large batches for more streamlined services.  Benefits of accepting electronic checks through Patriot Bankcard include:
  • Eliminating envelopes and postage, saving your clients money
  • Quick access to funds, allowing you to process within hours of accepting payment
  • Setting up recurring billing payments for the convenience of your customers
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