Poor Credit Score?  Credit Repair Merchant Account, not an Obstacle to Success With Patriot Bankcard

Merchant Credit Card Processing for Your Credit Repair Business

Credit Card Processing For High Risk Clients

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Credit repair merchants provide a valuable service to their clients by educating consumers on how to manage their money and how to stay out of trouble financially. But due to circumstances beyond their control, sometimes credit repair merchants find themselves with bad credit scores.  This can make it very difficult to obtain credit card processing accounts. In addition, many domestic acquiring banks also deny merchant account applications due to the high risk of fraud associated with the credit repair industry.

Luckily, finding a high risk merchant account is now easier than ever with Patriot Bankcard.  We have an enormous network of domestic and offshore acquiring banks that evaluate your credit repair business based on exactly that — your business.  This allows us to provide safe, fast and reliable high risk merchant accounts to you that are also PCI compliant in as little as one week.  A high risk merchant account from Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor will provide your business with the payment gateway it needs in order to get paid and grow your e-commerce business!

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    You will talk with a friendly merchant account expert who knows the ins and out of online credit card processing.

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    Patriot Bankcard’s expansive network of acquiring banks enables our e-commerce high risk merchant account specialists to find and match you with the right merchant account for YOUR business.

  • Start Processing

    After your business is approved by one of our acquiring banks, Patriot Bankcard can have your e-commerce site processing credit card payments in as little as 2-3 business days; including daily or weekly payouts.

Credit Card Types We Can Process

With a domestic merchant credit card processing account from Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor, your credit repair business will be able to accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Offshore and international accounts for your credit repair business are usually limited to Visa and Mastercard.

Payment Gateway for Credit Repair Businesses

Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor credit card processing gateway supports over 160 currencies worldwide including the US dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar and the euro.  This allows you to accept payments in the local currency of your clients and our credit card processing gateway also supports high dollar transactions and real time processing that gives you instant notification of approval or denial.

Processing Fees for Credit Repair Businesses

Processing your credit card payments through Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor is a sure way to benefit from affordable and competitive fee rates.  When Patriot Bankcard matches you with one of our acquring banks and approves your merchant account, we then determine your credit card processing merchant account fees based upon the strength of your business and the risk level it includes.  Call us today at for a free estimate.