Merchant Accounts for Loan Services Businesses

Fast Approval and No Monthly Caps

Payment Processing Solutions for Your Online Loan Company

Merchants in the loan services industry may find it difficult to find affordable loan services merchant accounts. Acquiring banks may consider your business to be in a high risk category and may either deny your merchant account application, or charge you excessive service fees.

With Patriot Bankcard, it’s time for a change. Stop paying too much for your merchant account and find new payment processing solutions for your online loan services company with Patriot Bankcard. Patriot Bankcard can provide loan services merchant accounts for the following types of loans

  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Student loans
  • Payday loans
  • Mortgages
  • Home Equity loans
  • Car loans
  • Boat loans
  • RV loans

Benefits of Loan Services Merchant Accounts from Patriot Bankcard

Our Merchant CC Service Account Executives understand the online payment processing needs of your loan services company, which is why our account executives offer you a customized solution targeted to your individual business needs.

Benefits Include:

Recurring Customer Billing:
The ability to set up recurring billing with you customers is an important part of your loan services merchant business. Recurring billing will ensure your loan services business receives your customer’s payments on time each month.

Large Ticket Transactions:
As a business in the loan services industry, your business needs to be able to accept high dollar and large ticket payments. Our trusted network of acquiring banks allows your loan services business to accept large ticket transactions through our loan services merchant accounts.

No Volume Caps:
As a loan services merchant, Patriot Bankcard understands that you service hundreds, if not thousands of loans every mothn. That’s why with a loan services merchant account from Patriot Bankcard, you’ll never have to worry about volume caps.

Your loan services business will be able to process as many payments as are necessary.

PCI Compliant Payment Gateway:
All loan services merchant accounts from Patriot Bankcard include access to our PCI compliant payment gateway ensuring that your client information remains safe and secure.

Virtual Terminal:
With a loan services merchant account from Patriot Bankcard your loan services business has access to our virtual terminal. Our virtual terminal allows you to manually enter customer credit card information manually. This allows your loan services business to accept payments over the phone or by mail.

Fraud Prevention:
As a loan services merchant, your business deals with large amounts of money. This fact alone puts your loans services business at risk of fraudulent transactions. your online loan company Patriot Bankcard’s client services department offers assistance to help your loan services business prevent fraud by through instruction on how how to spot red flags and prevent and fight charge backs.

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