You will need a tobacco merchant account with The merchant Shop if you are selling tobacco products or cigarettes online or over the phone.  This will get you the worldwide market coverage your business needs along with the ability for high-volume sales.  As your business grows, you will see the value of a high risk merchant account through Patriot Bankcard.

Our high risk tobacco merchant account offer your tobacco and cigarette business the perfect solution for credit card processing.  You won’t have to worry about searching out the right bank or processor for your business.  Our account experts will do the work for you and help you avoid the hassle of being turned down due to being in a high risk industry.  You will be able to process your transactions through our safe, secure and reliable payment gateway.

At Patriot Bankcard we provide cost-effective and convenient solutions as well as real-time processing.  We also specialize in risk management techniques and provide top notch customer service to our clients.

For our high risk and offshore customer accounts we also offer CVV2, AVS verification, direct debit, bank wire, ACH facility and credit and debit card processing.  this wide array of options suits our clients in the tobacco and cigarette business with options for accepting payment.

With Patriot Bankcard, our tobacco and cigarette clients also have the option to receive payments from across the globe.  Our multi-currency payment processing options along with allowable high volume merchant accounts make our processing accounts powerful tools to our clients.

Give your tobacco and cigarette business the boost it needs to grow.

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Rates For Tobacco and Cigarette Clients

For best service, Patriot Bankcard assess each account rate on a case by case basis.  Cigarette merchants with high sales volumes of one million dollars generally pay between four and five percent.  Start-ups with less than fifty thousand in sales usually receive rate offerings between five and six percent.

Time frame for Approval and Active Account Status

Once your application is submitted, our underwriting department works to quickly match your business with one of our fantastic and reliable banking partners.  Typically, this takes three to five business days.  Once we gain approval we will send you some paperwork and ask that you carefully read, sign and finally return it to us.  After we receive your paperwork, we can have you up and running in as little as 24-48 hours.